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Welcome to SchoolAutomate
SchoolAutomate is developed using Java/JSP technology making it a highly secured, web-based, platform and database indepedent application. SchoolAutomate's browser based implementation makes it very easy to use, easy to maintain and easy to set up. With a very strong onsite and online support, SchoolAutomate is the best solution available in present market.
If you are looking for a highly efficient, cost effective, one integrated system SchoolAutomate is the solution for you.
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                    WHY SchoolAutomate?

   SchoolAutomate is a complete school administration &
   managment system that enables schools to record,
   access, report and manage their student, employee,
   financial, and performance records information in

   SchooAutomate helps improve the quality and
   effectiveness of education by empowering students,
   parents and educators with real-time information,
   relevant assessment tools and access to educational
   resources online.
   SchoolAutomate is the most cost-effective solution for
   a large to small school complete operation and

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           SchoolAutomate HIGHTLIGHTS

  Complete integrated system for school operation
  in one product installation

  Client/Server system for Windows OS, Linux, or
  Unix systems

  Internet or intranet implementation

  Integrated RFID, Biometric attendance system   for Time keeping, Gate security, Internet cafe
  Management and Library.

  Most comprehensive reporting & statistical data

  Multilevel security implementation

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  Talisay City, Cebu - 6045, PH
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