Operating System

SQL Server/Oracle/MYSQL

Web Server
Apache Tomcat Server 4.0 or higher

Java Runtime Environment (JRE)
1.4.2 or higher

Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher or
Netscape 6 or higher or any available

Any available server in the market
Any PC that can run the browser
specs (Client station)
1024 x 786 resolution or higher
What is SchoolAutomate?
SchoolAutomate Systems is the most complete school administration & management system that meets the communication and information needs of the entire school community in real time. It centralizes tons of data related to school operations, and automates routine classroom and administrative functions, especially the most important operation in school - the Enrollment. Teachers and administrators use the system to share information about grades, attendance records, lectures/lessons and corresponding assignments, financial records, school's personnel information, etc.

SchoolAutomate is a web-based, platform and database independent application making it so versatile to whatever environment the system will be implemented.

With SchoolAutomate, everyone has a benefit, from the Administrators asking for the graph of the current enrolment reports, to the Faculty advising the students as to which subject to take for the current semester, up to the last staff of the Property Custodian filing for the current year's inventory report.

It helps improve the quality and effectiveness of education by empowering students, parents and educators with real-time information, relevant assessment tools and access to educational resources online.
SchoolAutomate Security                     
SchoolAutomate implements a highly secured process flow with a complete activity tracking and multiple access level rights. Biometric compatibility adds on security level to various attendance system.
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   What SchoolAutomate can give to   you?
   Complete with every integrated system for school
   operation in one product installation,
   SchoolAutomate offers a definite customized time    management installation software for your school

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   Administrative Tool

   SchoolAutomate is an administrative application
   used daily at the school by teachers, secretaries
   and administrators to manage student records,
   handle enrollment, class schedules, reporting,
   student   accounts and much more...

   Communication Tool

   Parents/guardians and students use
   SchoolAutomate to communicate with teachers and
   monitor child’s performance in real-time (grades,
   attendance, homework assignments and more).

   Classroom Management Tool

   SchoolAutomate is a single-entry source for teachers
   to take attendance, record grades, generate report
   cards, schedule assignments, create question banks
   for exams, communicate with parents and create
   syllabus. Online exam standardize education system
   and monitors stuedents' as well as teachers'

   Additional Features

   Provided by SchoolAutomate to make this software a
   must have for any School which hopes to give school
   administration, students and parents the best deal.
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