Realizing that a student teacher relationship is the most important relationship in education, SchoolAutomate tries to give them a new media of interaction. Everything you need to easily manage your classroom is built in the Academic System of SchoolAutomate. Part of the system is to help improve the quality and effectiveness of education, hence, SchoolAutomate helps the academic community in

Online encoding or upload student grade belong to his/er own class.

Encoding of syllabus or lesson plan.

Encoding of daily attendance subject wise

Posting of homework or assignments

Providing subject or course reference materials

Integrating the Examination Online

Eliminating the cheating/leakage with its Random Questions Methodology of the online   examination

Posting of the exam results

Student Referral for Guidance and Councelling

With SchoolAutomate’s Academic System, managing a class is made trouble-free for the educators to better respond to their students’ needs and assistance.

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