System Security Feature 

 Username and password required for accessing every sensitive information and
   individual pages.

 System Admin can set user account/password validity, password expiry duration.

 Every page visit and activity tracking.

 Integrated 4 digit PinCode authentication to stop password theft due to key logger.

 No simultaneous logging in of same username into the system.

 Locking username from accessing system after designated number of login retries.

 Logging out inactive user after designated idle time period.

 Authentication level and access mode (read only, read/write full, read/write edit)    implementation on each module/submodule and page.

 User authentication integration on every sensitive pages with automatic notification    of illegal transaction.

 Personal Firewall (IP Filter) implementation for each page or a complete module.

 Recording of transaction and IP for every change in data records.

 Active users monitoring system integration

 Automatic database backup and recovery integration

 Integrated RFID and Biometric validation for attendance systems like Time keeping,
   Gate Security for student compus varification, Internet Cafe and Library attendance.


SchoolAutomate Systems has the most comprehensive tools:

Administrative Tool: SchoolAutomate is an administrative application used daily at the school by teachers, secretaries and administrators to manage student records, handle enrollment, class schedules, reporting, and student accounts.

Communication Tool: Parents/guardians and students use SchoolAutomate to communicate with teachers and monitor child's performance in real-time (grades, attendance, homework assignments and more).

Classroom Management Tool: SchoolAutomate is a single-entry source for teachers to take attendance, record grades, generate report cards, schedule assignments, create question banks for exams, and communicate with parents.

Additional Features are also provided by SchoolAutomateto make this software a must have for any School which hopes to give its students and parents the best deal.

               · Organizer
               · Message/Announcement Board
               · Discussion forums for SchoolAutomate users
               · Alumni Center
               · Fundraising or Sponsorship Program Module
               · Online Educational Resources
               · Multiple Webmail integration


System Highlights 

 Complete integrated system for school operation in one product installation.

 Client/Server system for Windows OS, Linux, or Unix systems.

 Internet or intranet implementation capability.

 Database independent making the system ready for any database preference of each    client.

 Unlimited client connections.

 Browser-based application making software maintenance and updates easy and
  hassle free reducing maintance cost and operation downtime.

 Extensive on-line technical help, documentation, and tutorials.

 Integrated e-mail to individual or selected groups in all main modules.

 Integrated multiple webmail feature.

 Upload images module available to upload employee photos, student pictures, those
   are attached to employee or student record for on-line viewing and printing.

 Most comprehensive reporting & statistical data system.

 Most comprehensive accounting billing & reporting system.

 Most comprehensive financial statistical & analysis reporting system.

 Multilevel security implementation with integration of IP address filtering.

 Integrated biometric validation for all attendance system.

 Integrated RFID eWallet for Canteen, Internet Cafe and other services usage.

 Integrated HR, Payroll, Purchasing, Inventory, Student AR with Accounting/Financial
   Modules. Integrated Biometric Timekeeping with Payroll. Integrated RFID eWallet
   for Canteen, Internet Cafe and other services usage.

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